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How to Save Shopping Online With

There are many ways to save shopping with New customer discount New customers save 15% on their first order over $75.00. Just add the code NEW15 to your order at checkout and you instantly save 15%. This is our way of welcoming you to the experience that is shopping with Premium RX. Free shipping […]

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Dry Eyes, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Dry eye is a common condition that occurs when your tears aren’t able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes. Tears can be inadequate for many reasons. Dry eyes feel uncomfortable. If you have dry eyes, your eyes may sting or burn. You may experience dry eyes in certain situations, such as on an airplane, […]

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The New Normal, Telemedicine

Telemedicine is not a new practice, the concept dates back to the 19th century. Telemedicine can be defined as the remote delivery of healthcare services, including exams and consultations, using information and communication technologies. This allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients without the need for an in-person visit. Patients can communicate with […]

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Heart Disease, Risk Factors and Treatments

What is heart disease? Heart disease refers to a group of conditions that affect the heart. To understand heart disease, lets learn more about the heart itself. Your heart Your heart is a muscle. The heart is part of your body’s circulatory system. Its job is to pump blood around your body. Did you know? The […]

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What Is Hypertension And Ways To Treat It?

Hypertension is an alternative term used for high blood pressure. It describes as a transitory or chronic elevation of human blood pressure in the arteries. Hypertension is like a silent killer that quietly damages the blood vessels and can lead to severe heart diseases as well. While there is no cure, using medications as prescribed by […]

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Dealing with Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic illness can be challenging! Maybe you’ve been recently diagnosed with a chronic illness. Maybe you’ve been living with one for some time and you’re now experiencing changes with your illness and its symptoms. Either way, living with a chronic illness comes with its share of challenges! Let’s look at some strategies […]

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Difference Between a Generic and Brand Name Drug

Buying prescription drugs online is easy and convenient. At times the availability of a particular medication plays a huge part in purchasing your generic or brand name drugs online. Sometimes the brand-name version is unavailable. So, is there a difference between a generic and brand name drug? What is a brand name drug? A brand […]

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Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist Before Buying Your Medication Online

You are able now to ask your pharmacist questions in person or online, so it’s important to note exactly what you need to know.  A reputable pharmacist will have no problem answering any of your questions. Before you buy any medication for the first time, ask your pharmacist the six important questions below: 1. What’s […]

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Exercise and Asthma

Talk to a doctor before starting an exercise routine. This is especially important with asthma symptoms that worsen with exercise. Your doctor can help find the best way to keep fit with asthma. In extremely cold or hot weather, or if there is a high level of pollution, it may best to exercise indoors. This […]

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How Understanding Your Inhaler Can Keep You Out Of Trouble

At any age, you can develop a respiratory disease like asthma, emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Knowledge is crucial to managing these conditions effectively. If you have been diagnosed with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), your healthcare provider will recommend a treatment plan to help you feel better, stay more active and slow the progress […]

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How to Order Prescriptions Online Safely

Are you one of the many looking for an affordable, safe and convenient way to purchase your medications? The price of prescription medication appears to be constantly rising.  Prescription drugs can cost hundreds of dollars for just a month’s supply. You may have decided to buy your prescription medication online, as online pharmacies provide less […]

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Ordering From An Online Canadian Pharmacy

With the rising cost of healthcare in the U.S. persons are looking for more affordable choices when purchasing their medications.  Online Canadian pharmacies have become the trusted choice for many Americans.   Drugs from Canadian pharmacies are authentic, affordable and available at your fingertips!  They also have very friendly and professional staff available to assist you […]

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10 Medications That Are Cheaper From Online Canadian Pharmacies

Buying your medications from an online Canadian pharmacy can result in huge savings. Many online Canadian pharmacies are available where you can get quality brand and generic prescription drugs at a fraction of the price you will pay in America.

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Menopause Treatment

During menopause, certain hormone levels, such as estrogen, fall. Some women get uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is the most effective treatment for menopause symptoms.  HRT replaces some of the hormones no longer made by your ovaries with artificial estrogen and progesterone. You can buy affordable menopause medication […]

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction

If you think you have erectile dysfunction, a good first step is to talk with your doctor. The treatment you need will depend on what’s causing it.  Sometimes, simple lifestyle changes will help, such as losing weight, drinking less alcohol, or quitting smoking.  If a medication is causing your ED, your doctor may lower your […]

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