How to place an order with PremiumRX

Ordering from our online pharmacy is easy, we promise! There are four convenient ways to order your prescription medication from PremiumRX. You can speak to one of our friendly Patient Service Representatives who can help you every step of the way. Just call us at +1-833-313-3173. We will create an account and place the order for you.

The fastest way to order is to create a PremiumRX account on this website and place your online drug order right over the web.

You can also download our order form below and send it to us via mail or fax to the address on the form. You can also place your refill order via email to

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New Order

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By Phone:
  • Simply call +1-833-313-3173 to place an order with a Patient Service Representative
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Create Account
  • Search for your product using the search bar featured in the top left corner of this page
  • Select the product/dosage you take and choose the quantity youneed from search results page.
  • Add your product to our shopping basket
  • Select the Checkout button and complete our simple 3-Step Process
  • Provide a copy of your written prescription from your doctor via mail, email or fax.
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Fax or Mail:
Download Order Form
  • Download and print the order form
  • Locate drug prices by searching for your product on our website
  • Record drug prices on your order form
  • Mail or fax a copy of the written Prescription from your doctor and the completed order form

Refill Order

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By Phone:
  • Simply call to place an order with a Patient Service Representative
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  • Simply email us at
  • Let us know which medication, dosage and quantity you would like to order along with your preferred method of payment
  • Please be aware that one of our Patient Service Representatives will give you a call to confirm your order

How It Works

The steps below will give you an overview of how your orders are handled.

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Prescription verification

  • A new prescription is checked by a technician to make sure it is valid and there are no discrepancies
  • A prescription number is assigned to the document and it is entered into our system and attached to your account
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Therapeutic Screening

  • Here is where our pharmacists will have a look at your account to check the following:
    • Allergies
    • Drug Interaction
  • If our pharmacists find any drug Interactions or allergy concerns, they will contact you for counselling.
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Billed & Transferred

  • Order has been transferred to the dispensing pharmacy partner
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  • Your order will then be moved to our picking queue where our reliable pickers print your prescription labels and information leaflets, as well as pick your medications from our shelves for the final review by our pharmacists.
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Final Review

  • Our pharmacists do a final check on your order, making sure that all is accurate before it gets shipped.
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Packing & Shipping

  • Order is packed and verified to make sure medication and shipping labels match
  • Package is sent off to be shipped directly to you!